Beer gardens in Frankfurt
Janice tips

My favorite beer gardens in Frankfurt

Please let Janice introduce you to the lovely beer gardens in Frankfurt – Janice from „The Frankfurt Edit“ shows you her favorite beer gardens! Enjoy!!! 

Favorite Beer Garden #1


What an absolute little oasis (ok minus the the water 😬). Undoubtedly though the sand between your toes and the green polo fields across the way make up for the lack of sea!  Deck chairs, large umbrellas and a designated kids area mean that parents can sit back relax and enjoy the beer on tap.  Also, the ‘brot und wurtz’ coming off the BBQ keep hungry tummies at bay making for an outstanding day out!

Also, having mentioned the polo fields above, if you are interested in watching a game check out Frankfurt Polo Club for their tournament timetable!


Daily 11am – 12am



It’s easily accessible when cycling along the Nidda River

A designated section in the sand for kids with plenty of sand toys available

Favorite Beer Garden #2


Locally brewed beer, you can’t get much better than that! BrauStil, located on Oeder Weg, is a local brewery specialising in handcrafted beers from start to finish. Their entire beer making process is done by hand from malting to fermentation to bottling. They source their raw materials locally as they believe in quality, sustainability and working with locals. They may only have a small selection of beers on tap, however, their small selection is of the highest quality.

BrauStil has an amazing outdoor space and is perfect for those lovely summer evenings. Enjoy the outside area until 10pm, from 10pm drinking must continue inside in their quaint lovely space. Just be sure to be the first one in there or you won’t get a spot. Due to space constraints, it fills up quickly.

If you’re hungry then head next door to Super Bros and order a pizza. They’ll bring it over to you! I know, amazing right!


Tuesday-Friday:  4pm – 10pm 

Sat:  12pm – 10pm

Sun:  2pm – 9pm

Favorite Beer Garden #3


They specialise in craft beer!  And, they have a bajillion to choose from!  Just kidding,  they have around 50 varieties from around the world and 3 in house brews!  Without a doubt there is a beer to satisfy most palettes and if not well there is always wine!

Also, there is an impressive list of tastings to choose from, beer and cheese (here we thought only cheese paired with wine ????), beer vs wine with cheese tasting, whiskey and gin!  The list goes on and on and left our heads reeling at the sheer number of choices available to taste.  Undoubtedly naiv tastings are anything but boring!

Not to be outdone by the impressive variety of beer ‘on tap’, the restaurant serves up a mean dish in a relaxed environment!

Undoubtedly naiv tastings are anything but boring!


Mon – Friday: 4pm–1am

Sat and Sun:  12pm–1am

Parkhaus Dom Romer is nearby if you driving

Favorite Beer Garden #4

Schiffsmeldestelle (SMS)

On the Höchst bank of the Main lies this glorious little spot!  Nicknamed SMS by those that love it you need only be there a few moments to be fully sold on why you stopped!  Once upon a time the location served as the registration location for passing ships, now it serves only to make you smile, enjoy the weather and place a suitable beverage in your hand!  The “Hessian Côte d’Azur”, as named by owners Frank Wellert and his wife Lizza is helped along with large white umbrellas, deck chairs and chilled music playing from the speakers.


Mon – Friday:  3pm – 10pm

Sat and Sun:  12pm – 10pm


Weather dependent so always check the website before heading out

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