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Palmengarten mit Palmen-Express

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„Mom, Mom! I thought the water playground in the palm garden was so awesome!“ I thought I misheard…awesome…? My 4-year-old already sounds like he’s going to school with the big kids… „Mom, and the train was great, too. And the giant face. But also the cave…“ There’s no end to my big boy’s raving. Because the Palmengarten in Frankfurt with kids is apparently great…! Why? Read for yourself…

The subway ride is the number 1 highlight

So from the beginning… Today is Father’s Day and a friend is visiting with her little man (1.5 years old). Although the weather is unfortunately not as nice as in recent days, but that does not bother us. After lunch, everyone is invigorated and my two children are in an adventurous mood. So off we go on the subway to the Palmengarten. My friend’s little man was also in a great mood – the ride in the subway was the first highlight for all three boys! It’s always nice to see how little it takes to make kids happy!

A short way leads to the palm garden

From the Bockenheimer Warte we were in the Palmengarten in less than 10 minutes on foot. First stop before the cashier was the great fountain directly in front of the entrance. Because here we stood first a few minutes, the boys found him super. Continue to the cash register in a rush… The somewhat high entrance fee had already let me last time briefly stubborn (7 euros per adult), my Swabian heart bled briefly. But fortunately the three boys did not have to pay anything yet (only from 6 years), so that it balanced out again to some extent. A family annual ticket (2 adults and children from 6 to 13 years for 70 euros) can really consider – or the combination ticket with the Frankfurt Zoo and the Senckenberg Museum.

Toller Springbrunnen vor den Toren des Palmengartens
Great fountain in front of the gates of the Palmengarten – Copyright: Frankfurt mit Kids


A beautiful animal and natural world can be experienced up close

The guys were super fast on the road, even the smallest man ran! But please do not run on the meadow, only on the paths. We had to explain that to the boys a few times. I have to agree with the kids, that’s really strange not to walk on it in a park with so much grass. The next stop was a huge swan, which made itself beautiful on the grass for the visitors – so for us (!). Of course, the little ones immediately wanted to go to him, but we quickly whistled them back, because the swan was really huge! And we had the greatest respect for swans. We had once been properly chased by a swan, because we had probably come a little too close to him.

Schwan im Palmengarten
Swan in the palm garden – Copyright: Frankfurt mit Kids


„Watch out for duck poop!“

When the kids look at the great fountains and fountains, you have to be a little careful that their hands don’t end up in the duck poop. Because the excrement of the many birds is really stuck almost everywhere on the fountains. I kept shouting „Watch out, duck poop!“ to the boys and who ended up with poop on their hands? Yes, I … there I praise myself really the wet wipes! But the little chicks compensated then again the dirt! Really great and the two boys freaked out (the third in the bunch had meanwhile fallen asleep in his stroller) when they saw the „baby ducks!“. Really cute and so close to watch, how great.

Nachwuchs im Palmengarten
Offspring in the palm garden – Copyright: Frankfurt mit Kids


The water playground is and remains the highlight for the children

There are such beautiful houses to look at. But today that was not to be. Because we came to the playground. And from above, the big one already saw the water playground right next to it… After the first slide, the playground was also passé and so we spent the next hour at the water playground. Since the smallest still slumbered peacefully, we only had to pay attention to our two boy-boys. These of course did not pay attention to where exactly they had to step so that the feet stay dry. Well, in the end, the two stood in the water, but the shoes held fortunately tight! What a luck, because I had not much change of clothes with me, certainly no shoes.

Since it really wasn’t that warm, we honestly didn’t expect the water playground to be on. We were already a bit cold, the kids didn’t even feel like an ice cream, so we adults treated ourselves to a somewhat overpriced, but delicious coffee to go from the kiosk „KiKo“ right next to the playground to warm up. The boys were still playing and scooping the water with a bucket and damming the water over and over again with the help of the great damming tools.

Der tolle Wasserspielplatz mit dem Palmen-Express im Hintergrund - Copyright: Frankfurt mit Kids
The great water playground with the Palm Express in the background – Copyright: Frankfurt mit Kids


The little train in the Palmengarten was a hit

The only thing that could remove the boys from the water playground was the Palmengarten-Express, for the boys the Zügle. The train goes from one side of the Palmengarten to the other (1 euro per person in the family fare for 2 years and older) and back again (another 1 euro). The boys got their ticket, they held it in their hands for the entire ride and never let go.

The round trip takes about 15 minutes in total and you drive nicely through the palm garden. At certain parts, we drove like through a cave, so dense are the plants partly grown. Although the boy-boys wanted of course „nochmaaaaal drive“, but I could convince them then yet of the opposite.

Oh yes, it is also worth mentioning that in some wagons you can also take the strollers! Great, isn’t it? Consequently, another tip: If you want to go from one side to the other, go only in one direction, for example, if you want to get quickly to the boats or to the other playground.

Der Palmen-Express
Frankfurt with Kids: Definitely use the Palm Express – even if it’s just one-way for playground hopping – Copyright: Frankfurt mit Kids


Discover giant face, boats and caves

The wonderful thing about the size of the Palm Garden is that it never seems crowded, at least not on cloudy and less-than-perfect weather days like today. The kids had a really great time moving around, running all over the place. The many plant, tree or bamboo caves were uniquely beautiful to them. They climbed on various trunks and had their fun here even without the further desired playground. With the big face we had a truly heavenly peace, it seemed as if not a soul could get lost here and the boys ran around here, played hide and seek and watched a squirrel jumping from tree to tree. Wonderful!

We parents could even lie down on the great deck chairs that were everywhere on the lawn here. Although we are actually in a big city, but this was so far away here. We had the feeling to be in our home in the Black Forest because of the trees, everything was green, the birds were chirping and there was no airplane noise. Oh how wonderful! And the next time we want to go with the boys then definitely times pedal boat, but we were all after the three hours just too tired to.

Das Riesengesicht
The „giant face“ is circled countless times – Copyright: Frankfurt mit Kids

Conclusion: Off with you and your children to the palm garden

„Mama, Mama! Ich fand den Wasserspielplatz so geiiiiiil! Mama, und das Zügle war auch super. Und das riesen Gesicht. Aber auch die Höhle…“ Also überhöre ich das „geiiiiil“ und denke nur, stimmt! Es war ein wirklich toller Tag im Palmengarten in Frankfurt. Zwar liegt er so nah und doch gehen wir nicht so oft hin. Ich denke, das wird sich jetzt ändern…

„Mom, Mom! I thought the water playground was so cool! Mom, and the train was also great. And the giant face. But also the cave…“ It was a really great day at the Palmengarten in Frankfurt. While it is so close and yet we don’t go that often. I think that will change now….

You shouldn’t forget that when it comes to the water playground:

  • Change of clothes including socks and shoes
  • Swim diaper
  • Bath towel/towel
  • Swimming trunks
  • Swim shirt
  • Sunblocker
  • Sun hat that can get wet
  • Small ship that you can drive
  • Bucket

Palmengarten Frankfurt

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